Veterans Day: Honoring those who Sacrifice


November 11th is one of the most significant days out of the year for the United States of America. Each year, Veterans Day is celebrated to honor veterans and victims of the war. The 11th was the day WWI ended and is significant for those veterans and families leaving their loved ones for war. As a way to show our respect and remember this day, East Hall holds a Veterans Day Assembly each year to educate the students on this day’s importance. Due to COVID-19, regulations were put in place but the ceremony was still held. 


During 3rd period, certain classes got to attend the ceremony due to social distancing guidelines and not everyone being able to go to the gym. This year with Covid 19 some adjustments were made to the ceremony that are different than the normal. They did not allow family members, veterans, or friends. The ceremony was taped live by Zoom set up by Mr. Hardison and guest speaker, US Navy ret. Captain Mark Scovill. While Scovill could not be there in person to tell the importance of Veterans Day, Zoom was a great way he was able to still make an appearance. This ceremony was set up by Erin Hood and some of the cadets to honor these veterans,


“This was a great opportunity in which every cadet was used for the ceremony and everyone was able to be a part of something great for the community,” says Erin.


In the ceremony they next did the traditional folding of the flag and singing of the National Anthem. This year, Abigail Ivey(12) got to sing the Anthem in honor of America. The traditional speeches about Veterans Day were read by some of the ROTC Cadets and ended after the guest speaker. 


This ceremony was overall a special day for the community and those who fight for our country. Although this year has been unlike any other, the ROTC Program and community was grateful a ceremony still took place.