Happy turkey day!!

 Thanksgiving break is next week and lots  of people are excited, both  students and teachers. Some of you may not be able to go on any special vacations or visit family for the holidays, which we all know sucks but there’s not much we can do about that.  Some of us who have jobs are going to be working during our break, and get very little relaxation time. But of course we will be able to enjoy Thanksgiving day and enjoy the food and get fat. Thanksgiving is about gratitude and being thankful for the things we have, or thankful for the people we have in our lives. 


Lots of people don’t really think about it because after Thanksgiving day there is black friday, where everything in stores is really cheap. So they’ll just eat the food then go out and start shopping for christmas presents. Which is not what thanksgiving is about. Thanksgiving is about being thankful for all the things you have and all your blessings, and all the good and bad things that happened in your life. We all know that isn’t easy or fair but we should just be thankful to be alive, tomorrow isn’t 100% guaranteed.  Spend time with your family and friends and make it a good day for everybody. 


Some students or teachers are going out of state to enjoy a nice lavish vacation and just relax and to spend quality time with family. Or just to enjoy a vacation with new surroundings, new things to see. Most stay home and get together with friends or family or other loved ones, and they have a feast full of amazing food. And some of the foods are from different cultures. 


Q: What is your favorite thing to eat on Thanksgiving day?

A: “ I love to Eat macaroni and cheese, my mom makes it for me every year since she knows it’s my favorite.”  – Student who chose to remain anonymous  


When it comes to the food the traditional food for this type of holiday is a stuffed turkey, a long with mashed potatoes and many other kinds of foods. The food all really depends on the culture you’re a part of. But the food in general is awesome. The way you celebrate Thanksgiving is all up to you. But try to be safe out there and keep you and your family safe so we can come back to school.  HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!!