Covid-19 update

It has been almost a year since the first report of the Corona Virus and since then a lot has changed. Stores closed down for a while small businesses lost their profit and lots of people lost their jobs. It has been almost a year and our way of life has changed a lot. But luckily things are starting to slowly go back to normal, there is news of a Corona Vaccine. 


They’re still in the process of making the vaccine to make sure it works so the vaccine can do its job. Pfizer and BioNTeach have found a vaccine candidate which has been found to be more than 90% effective, which is very good considering the impact the virus has made on us and people around the world.  Corona has killed thousands of people worldwide, not just the United States, but hopefully with this vaccine we won’t have to worry about Corona as much anymore. I know most of us are tired of hearing about Corona, or having it show up on the news all the time, but this is a real breakthrough considering all that Corona has taken from us. For example maybe nieces and nephews or brothers and sisters, grandparents, your mom or dad. You could have lost or you did lose, any member of your family or any of your friends. The vaccine is probably bringing a lot of hope for some people cause the virus could’ve made a very bad impact on their life  


If all goes well then the vaccine will be mass produced and available in  January 2021. Corona has been around for a year already and this is the biggest breakthrough we’ve ever had. Who knows what will happen once the vaccine is  mass produced and is made available. Lots of people around the world have lost something because of corona so the news of the vaccine is probably a really good thing for them to hear about. They shut down the schools, small businesses suffered, millions of people lost their job and everyone was concerned about getting the virus. Last Year when the rumor about corona first started everybody started freaking out worrying about getting the virus. But now when you think about the virus most people aren’t afraid anymore.  This will be the very first vaccine for Covid-19, if all goes well. There will be more updates on everything that has to do with Corona Virus, so stay tuned!!