Wrestling : The start of the season

Our wrestling team just started their season, meaning there are going to be wrestling matches and possibly nationals or regionals. Last year a few of our wrestlers went to regionals. The seniors on the team  Dylan Timms, Drew Highfield, and Austin cook went to regionals. Along with Cody Lee and a few others on the team. This season will end up being different because of the rules put in place because of the Corona Virus. And Wrestling is obviously a close contact sport so that might make things complicated for the wrestling team.


Parents of the wrestlers on the team probably have some concerns about how they child or children would be able to do wrestling and be able to stay safe and to make sure their child or children are perfectly healthy. Even though the season had just started for our wrestlers this season is definitely going to be a season to remember, especially for the seniors on the team since this will be the last year for them on the team.  Unless of course they come back next season to help the team out if they wanted to. 


Some of the seniors already hate the covid rules and regulations, now they might hate it even more if it affects the way they wrestle. Because some of the goals for the seniors is to make it and compete for state ( Regionals) Some of our juniors on the team might be able to compete at state if they really try hard enough to go that far. After state of they don’t make it then the wrestling season will end for them. The start of the season was delayed because of the virus, but if anything it benefitted the team. It gave them more time to practice and prepare for wrestling against other schools. Some of the wrestlers are excited to wrestle again because they missed having fun with their friends at practices.  Some of the Juniors do feel sad that after this season the seniors will be gone and won’t be around anymore. But that means that the Juniors move on to the take the seniors place and so on and so forth. 


The Wrestling team have been practicing very hard and for a while, they are excited to get on the mat and wrestle like there’s no tomorrow. The coaches are ready and waiting for their first match of the season. So lets support them and wish them luck!!!