Georgia kicks off Senate runoffs


Voting has started for the Georgia senate runoffs with early voting which began this December 14th. Voting for the election will be held January 5th of next year.

Georgia is having runoff elections for two senate seats as neither candidate got the required 50% vote to win on election day November 3rd. Jon Ossoff and David Perdue are campaigning for Perdue’s seat and Raphael Warnock and Kelly Loeffler are running for Jonny Isakson’s seat after his retirement.

So far, more than 1.1 million Georgians have voted in this election either through mail or in person and many more are expected to vote.

Both of these races are taking up a lot of what politics is focused on currently because of their importance in determining what party could control the senate. Currently, the senate has 48 democratic seats and 50 republican which means that depending on the outcome of the election one party could ultimately control that section of congress.

These elections have come with great push from both parties to encourage voters to go out and vote for their respective party. These have come with support from Vice presidents of both parties with VP Mike Pence touring with Loeffler and Perdue and Kamala Harris coming to Georgia next week.

The outcome for these elections is up in the air as both candidates ended the original race close and Georgia voted democratic for the first time since 1992. The Washington Post reported how, if both seats were to go to democratic candidates, if a 50/50 tie were to occur then it could be broken by democrat leader of the senate Kamala Harris.

The East Hall community center is serving as an in person early voting site and is a local area for many East Hall students, teachers, and parents to use. Students are encouraged to express their civil duty and go out and vote.