Why students at East Hall struggle with blended learning

Why students at East Hall struggle with blended learning

Last week East Hall temporarily went to blended learning, meaning they canceled in-person classes and went to online learning. This decision was made over concerns of Covid-19 absences. Students have to continue their schoolwork through canvas. This year Canvas was specifically set up so that all students’ work would be easy to locate in case the class went digital. However even with these measurements taken to make finding school work easy many students did not complete their assignments. Many students seem to have felt a lack of motivation to complete the work. 


I made a survey for students to take to help understand why many of them don’t feel the need to do the assignments, and a survey for teachers to help bridge the gap between student and teacher and have a better understanding of each’s mindset. 


I received an overwhelming response from the students, many students from different grades and backgrounds took the survey which was very helpful to get an understanding from the general student body of the school rather than just a specific group of students. According to the results of the survey about 70% of the students prefer in-person classes over online. And when asked how much of their online work did they complete 18.5% completed all their work 25.9% did not complete any work and 52% partially completed their work. And the last question on the survey was “if you did not complete your online work, why?” some anonymous responses included


 “I didn’t do some, but it was because I was stressed over so many assignments I needed to do & some I needed an actual teacher in front of me to better explain what to do.”


“I did it just a lot and like you’re less motivated to do work at home because you have a choice to do it or not but at school you have to do your work, so I feel like school helps us with that.” 


“It’s hard to get out of bed when you know you don’t have to go on campus”


“I only did some because I get distracted and don’t have any motivation”


“I had more important stuff to work on and haven’t had time and I’m depressed”


However there were some responses like “I didn’t feel like it”, “I was playing overwatch” and of course just “Minecraft” however despite those three response almost all the responses were students expressing that they were stressed, tired, depressed, and lacked motivation. I think the reason students lack motivation has to do more with the way school is set up. Most students rely on being in a class environment surrounded by other friends and students and with a teacher they can ask questions in person. The sudden shift to school from home is completely different in the motivation students get from being at school is not there. Another factor may be the student’s relationship with the teacher and the class. Some students may not be connecting because they felt invisible when in the physical classroom, so there’s a feeling that the teacher just doesn’t care about them or their work. And some students might not have engaged with some of their teachers in person, so they aren’t concerned about engaging with those certain teachers online. Which might explain why students did work for some of their classes but not all. And additionally if a student did not understand a subject and needed assistance from a teacher in class they most likely will not attempt to work on that subject at home because they have a hard time understanding it and do not have a teacher to help them. 


As for the survey for teachers I sent the survey to various teachers from all different subjects to get a variety of responses and see if all teachers were having similar issues. However, I only received one response which isn’t very helpful in getting the full picture and getting a point of view from different teachers. I’m not sure if the email went to their spam folder and just only one teacher found the email or if anything else happened. 


Despite only getting the students’ side of the story I’m hoping there will be a connection between student and teacher and something will work out so students’ grades do not tank over the sudden shift to online.