Pro-Trump Mob Storms Capitol, Democrats Win in Georgia, and Biden Confirmed


Many politicians spent the past Wednesday in fear as pro-Trump protesters stormed the capitol in Washington amid the vote to confirm Joe Biden’s presidency. 


The political world in America waited for the votes to come in as Georgia’s senate runoff race came to an end on Wednesday January 6th. Early voting for the runoff began in December as the state prepared for the historical runoff of two senate seats. The race ended with both Democratic candidates John Ossof and Raphael Warnock beating Republicans David Perdue and Kelly Loeffler. 


The Associated Press reported a tight race for both seats with Ossoff winning with 50.4% against 49.6% towards Perdue which accounted for around a 37,000 vote lead. Warnock won 50.8% of the vote and led Loeffler by around 75,000 votes. In Hall County, Loeffler received 71.8% of the vote against 28.2% towards Warnock.


The Democratic win of both seats means that there is an even amount of seats for both parties with each holding 50. This would mean that if a tie were to occur then the president of the senate, who would be Vice President Kamala Harris, would break the tie most likely leaning with Democrats. With this shift of power in the senate, this means that the Democratic Party holds power over both houses of congress and the presidency.


On the same day in the Washington Capitol, Congress was certifying Biden’s win of the presidential election. Outside the capitol, pro-Trump protesters began to break past the police barrier and onto the Capitol steps and then siege the building. The Associated Press explains that those inside 


“…were hiding under tables, hunkered in lockdowns, saying prayers and seeing the fruits of the country’s division up close and violent.” 


In the chaos, one woman was shot and killed by police with three others who died from medical emergencies and many more were detained inside. Those who did make it inside destroyed windows of offices, got into the Senate floor, and took photos of themselves in the desk chairs of congressmen. Apart from that, many protesters stayed in the streets outside the Capitol Building into the night after a stay at home order was put in place as they were pushed back by police. 


By Thursday morning, Joe Biden was officially confirmed by Congress as the winner of the presidential election. The voting continued into the night after the siege of the Capitol with boxes of Electoral College votes taken out to ensure that they would not be destroyed.

After the events, many Republicans changed their objection to the outcome of the election including Georgia senator Kelly Loeffler. 


The buildup of claims of fraud and encouragement of many led to the historical disgrace that occurred yesterday. The world watches as the future of the political climate in the United States reaches a point of uncertainty never seen before.