Cyberpunk 2077 the Disappointment and the lies.


If you’ve been on the internet in the last couple of years you may have heard of cyberpunk 2077 but if not I’ll catch you up. The game was announced in 2012 and trailers released at E3 2013,2018, and 2019. The gameplay truly looked amazing to say the least. The graphics were beautiful and stunning. The setting was set in a neo dystopia and it looked like the game would be an instant classic but when the game released on December 10, 2020 everyone was disappointed. To give cyberpunk credit the game did look beautiful at its best but unfortunately the game was rarely at its best due to constant crash bugs and more riddled throughout the game. I’ll be discussing the lies that CD projekt red told us and the disappointment everyone faced when the game came out.
If you were unfortunate enough to buy or even preorder the game on ps4 or xbox one you were in a world of hurt. The game was locked at 30 Fps and there’s nothing you can do about it. This wouldn’t be the worst thing in the world but you rarely even get to see the game at 30Fps because the game constantly dips Frame rates at best and at worst the game cant even be played. Now if god of war and the Last of us 2 is able to run on the base ps4 there really is no excuse. It got so bad the sony even removed Cyberpunk from the Playstation store. In over the 7 years the playstation has been out this is the first time a game has been removed from the store. Not even PC players were saved from this onslaught. Many Pc users claim that their game was constantly dipping in Frame rate and it was constantly crashing. Some of the people who worked on the game claim that they didn’t even know that the game was releasing in 2020. A lot of people think the game was released before christmas so they could get more sales which is a reasonable conclusion considering people who worked on the game thought it would come out some time in 2022.
Overall cyberpunk isn’t a bad game but it was extremely disappointing. The game is borderline unplayable on consoles but many people agree it’s not bad but it’s also not very good.