East Hall Prepares to Host One Act Competition


A major step up for East Hall this school year is hosting the One Act competition. One Act is a theatre competition where schools across Georgia present a one act show, that must be less than 55 minutes long, for judges. Schools who compete in these competitions could even go on to state competition or perform at Georgia Thescon.

East Hall has competed in 7-AAA One Act the last few years, even placing third last year with the show “Jasper in Deadland” as well as winning best costumes and best use of puppetry. But this year East Hall has moved regions and will now be competing at 8-AAAA One Act, and better than that we were asked to host!

“The students and I have worked hard to provide an equal playing field for all the schools involved creating a space that is inviting to all who attend,” says Aimee Jordan, the theatre teacher and Director here at East Hall.

A lot of work comes with hosting One Act. Theatre students at East Hall have been working hard to get the theatre neat and visitor ready. For the past month students have been making sure the East Hall Performing Arts Center is spotless. The facility will have to hold all of the different school’s sets and equipment, so lots of room has been made to accommodate that. As well as wanting to have a good impression that will make the judges want to have East Hall host again.

“Every inch of the theatre has had to be prepped for this event, but with the help of my amazing students we have it show readys,” said Jordan.

With all the hard work that comes with preparing to host they also have been working diligently on the show they will be performing at the competition. For this year’s one act East Hall will be performing a musical titled “The Mad Ones” There is already an article about The Mad Ones up if you want to read more about it on our website. The show’s cast is made up of three senior girls and one freshman boy and a bunch of technical workers who all have been rehearsing non-stop trying to make this show the best it can be. For the actors, rehearsal every day may be especially difficult with the show being very emotional.

“The rehearsal process for this show has been quite grueling for the actors since the show is about such a heavy topic. It has required them to really dig deep for emotions each and every rehearsal that can be extremely taxing both physically and mentally.” said Jordan.