One Act: Review

On January 30th, 2021, East Hall hosted 8-AAAA One Act Theatre Competition. Of the Seven schools in the region only four participated. Those schools were East Hall, Flowery Branch, Jefferson City, and North Oconee. East Hall performed “The Mad Ones” first at Nine in the morning. After our performance I helped with lights in the booth so I got to watch all the other shows. Here are my honest opinions about everyone’s performances. 


Eurydice: Flowery branch performed “Eurydice” It seems like at least one school does Eurydice every year. Even East Hall did Eurydice in 2016. it’s so overdone, we get it you want to do Hadestown but the Licensing is not available, but let’s give it a rest. Eurydice in general isn’t even that good of a show, we all know the story and it’s boring every time. The ensemble was honestly better than the main cast. During the scenes I was just waiting to see the next transition so I can see the ensemble move the set. Their choreography was so majestic at times and the fluid movements were amazing, they all just flowed so well. I did not care very much for any of the main cast, I believe the girl playing Eurydice had to replace the original actress 3 days prior because she was quarantined so I understood if her performance was lacking But as for every other character I just wasn’t connecting with them. The technical elements in the show were spectacular. The ensemble was swinging lights around hadestown style. The scene where Orphus describes his dream was done very nicely, a light was projected on his face casting a shadow of his side profile onto a sheet behind him and on the other side of the sheet there was a light casting shadow puppets detailing the dream. It was a beautiful effect. I think the ensemble and technical elements of the show is really what carried it. 


Radium Girls: Jefferson City did “Radium Girls” a play detailing female factory workers who contracted radiation poisoning from painting watch dials with self-luminous paint. It was alright, I got really bored really fast.The cast all did well. I liked them more than Eurydice but still I wasn’t really resonating with any of the characters and the story was not engaging. Everyone  played like six different characters each which got confusing fast. The male lead did a fantastic job separating characters by changing his voice and movements to fit each character, the other actors however I had a hard time following. The set was very plain and uninteresting which is alright but it is always better when a set can help enhance the story. The show is set in the 1920’s and 30’s but I did not see that with the costumes, I’m not a huge historical accuracy stickler but I would have been nice to see some 1920’s dresses or hairstyles to really tell us the date without telling us the date. At the start of the show there is a scene where the boss is talking to some men and the main girls were frozen on stage right, I have no idea what effect the director was going for here and they just stood there still for like five minutes, it was so awkward. I would despise my director if they made me stand in one pose for that long. One thing I liked about this show is you could really see the girls getting sick with every scene they look more and more unwell. The main actress was alright, I was not really connecting with her for most of the play but towards the end she had a really powerful monologue that was phenomenal she nailed it perfectly. In that moment I felt her character and was invested, I just wish that more of the show felt like that. Overall, it was probably my least favourite show that day.


These Shining Lives: North Occene Performed “These Shining Lives” a play with the same exact plot as Radium Girls. It was super interesting seeing two different schools do two different plays with the same subject matter and plot back to back. This show was my absolute favourite show that day and Seeing it right after Radium Girls probably made me appreciate it more and it probably did no favors for Jefferson City. I think the script might just be better than Radium Girls but also having an amazing cast that’s engaging helps too. The cast was so outstanding, the main four girls worked so well with each other. Each girl had their own unique personality that was portrayed so well. One girl was the comic relief character and she made me laugh multiple times and then seeing her upset in the story really moved me. One thing that I think Radium Girls did better though was the seeing the progression of illness throughout the story, in Shining Lives the girls looked healthy the whole time and it would have helped to have shown some kind of actual negative effect on them but still their acting helped drive that aspect. The Costumes were very nice and period accurate, and the wigs were perfect. The set was also pretty minimalistic but way more atmospheric than Radium Girls. Definitely was my favorite show at One Act and the one I was the most Invested in.


The Mad Ones: Now to be super biased I think The Mad Ones was pretty good. The judges had very mixed personalities, two judges gave the show a “superior” while the other judge gave the show a “good” personally I think the show was superior all the way. The only major fancy technical element we had was the set piece with car headlights on it as well as other lights attached to other set pieces. And the performances from the cast were phenomenal, The chemistry between all the characters was so real and believable. And you could really resonate with Allie and feel her pain.