Wings For Every Taste: Rating Red Bull’s Edition Flavors

Wings For Every Taste: Rating Red Bull's Edition Flavors

As a college student, caffeine is a necessary energy source to how I complete my days. I decided to start my journey into energy drinks by first diving into the very recommended Red Bull flavors. I tried six flavors and ranked them on taste and how I recommended them for a helpful list to other students like me.

#6 The Blue Edition:
The Red Bull Blue Edition Blueberry was the biggest let down out of all the ones. The vibrant blue can and blue color of the drink itself could not make up for the medicine flavored taste of the drink. It felt like drinking a carbonated version of the Very Berry Mucinex medicine. Despite the taste, after drinking it just to see if it gets better, it does. The sweet taste of the blueberry came out after a few sips, but it was still not enough to redeem it. Overall I give it a generous 4/10.

#5 The Red Edition:
This watermelon flavored version of Red Bull was actually good, but felt a little too sweet for my taste buds. What seemed like watermelon Sour Patch Kids dumped into a classic Red Bull was a nice taste. However, this drink was way too sugary, even for Red Bull. The drink was still pretty good but not an all-time favorite so 6/10.

# 4 Classic Red Bull:
Going into this, my thoughts were that the original taste of Red Bull was not going to be good. I expected a bitter, gross, extra carbonated drink that I’d dread finishing. I am a sucker for fruity flavors, so I was of course downplaying what the original could taste like. However, I was pleasantly surprised with this one because it was genuinely good. It tastes just like what you expect it to be: a sugary and sour fizzy drink. It wasn’t overloaded with the taste of sugar with a slight punch of sourness to balance it out. Overall, I was pleasantly delighted with the taste of this drink and to that I give it a 7/10.

# 3 The Coconut Edition:
The coconut edition Red Bull comes with a slight kick of berry which gives the flavor the right taste to get high enough on the list. It was the first Red Bull flavor I had ever tasted so it was a new experience, but it was pleasant with palatable tastes of sweet coconut-berry and that classic Red Bull taste. It is a good flavor to start off your adventure in trying every flavor like I did and I recommend it for a good, basic flavor. Overall, 8/10.

#2 The Peach Edition:
The Peach-Nectarine Red Bull was my personal favorite, though it isn’t number one on the list. It was like drinking a carbonated peach juice or even just a bunch of peach rings candy dumped into a red bull. It was the right amount of sweetness without it being a basic flavor and just the slight bit of sour that made this the perfect flavor. Overall, a 10/10.

#1 The Yellow Edition:
The Yellow Edition Red Bull has to be my number one pick for this list and for several reasons. Red Bull hit the mark with this edition featuring tropical tastes of fruit like pineapple and mango and that classic Red Bull taste. The sweet flavor, that didn’t feel like I was getting a cavity while drinking it, mixed with the high carbonation made this an overall great experience. This might be biased since it was the first flavor I had ever tried, but I think many can agree with this opinion as it is one of the highest selling flavors of the edition. Favorite drink by far and I highly recommend, so of course 10/10