Hall County Introduces New Fully Online Schooling


Hall County Schools is looking to continue virtual learning for years to come for students that choose to not return to in-person instruction.

Hall County has offered several fully online courses for students in past years like online physical education, Spanish 1,3, and 4, and Chinese. However, the county voted to provide a fully online education for students who have thrived in the online learning environment since the pandemic began. The Virtual Program of Choice is not connected solely to the pandemic and will continue to exist past it.

“It’s (virtual learning) worked for you, it’s worked for your families, and if your kids have even thrived, this program is for you. So we have a plan for you and your family,” said Kevin Bales assistant superintendent of teaching and learning.

The enrollment into the program will have several requirements to ensure that the right students are put into it and will succeed. Students will be required to have an unweighted 2.5 GPA and cannot have anything lower than a 70 on their transcript from any of their classes, not just this year. They must also have a good attendance and behavior record. Dual enrollment students will also be able to enroll in this program.

The program will have full-time virtual teachers from the district teaching in Zoom classes as well as students learning on their own. Bales said that no new teachers will be hired for this program.

Superintendent Will Schofield said the decision in keeping program will be based on daily student logins, performance, and success. However, it is not known if the application will be valid for a semester or a full year.

So far, the County is planning on releasing applications on April 2nd and applicants will be accepted by April 30.