Mystery of the Spirit Week: FFA Week

Mystery of the Spirit Week: FFA Week

Last week mysterious posters appeared all around the school. The posters detailed some kind of spirit week with themes for each day of the week. However, there are no dates attached so what week is this random spirit week? Who put these posters up? Teachers and students alike were confused by these posters. The theme for Friday was “FFA/ Farm Friday”, so naturally I assumed the Future Farmers of America were behind this. I emailed the teacher in charge, Mrs. Buchanan, in search of answers.

I received a fast response, FFA is indeed behind the mystery of the spirit week. My questions were answered, The spirit week will start this week March 1st – March 5th. The spirit week will be for National FFA week as well as something fun for all students of East Hall to participate in.

“FFA members are encouraged but all are welcome to participate with us” says Mrs. Buchanan.

FFA will be doing some great stuff soon that all students also could help with. They will be doing appreciation days for faculty and staff, lunchroom staff, bus drivers, custodians, and members of the board of education. FFA is also having a toiletry drive for “Get Real Ministries”

So if you would like to partake in this spirit week the days and themes are

March 1st – America Monday

March 2nd – Cowboy/Cow print tuesday

March 3rd – Camo wednesday

March 4th – Flannel and boots thursday

March 5th – FFA/Farm Friday