Broadway Bound: Maura Ostrander


Here at The Valhalla, we love to recognize the East Hall students that are doing great things in school. Senior Maura Ostrander is one stand out student that we would like to acknowledge for making a positive impact in our school and community. Maura has been involved with East Hall Theatre since 6th grade

“I have been in theatre for seven years.” says Maura “three years in middle school and almost four in high school, I would come to the high school after school in middle school when the previous teacher was here and that’s where my love of theatre began. When I started in high school it was with a new teacher Aimee Jordan.”

Starring as a fish in Seussical in 6th grade and a bird in Cinderella in 8th to now landing leads. Maura has grown so much in theatre.

“When I first got into Theatre, I wouldn’t even say a word if I was on stage by myself. My freshman year was the first year I would sing on stage by myself. I got cast as Winfred Sanderson in Animations and it was one of the scariest yet most exciting moments in my life. I have been in many shows since and every single one we do I grow more and more comfortable in what I do.” She says, “I’m not afraid of singing or doing a monologue or dancing in front of people anymore. I’m not afraid to mess up in front of everyone cause everyone slips up and that’s okay. I can be myself and i’m confident in what I do.”

Maura has really grown with each part she’s played. Her roles include Ensemble in Hairspray, Wizard of Oz and Pippin, Winifred in Animations, Morgan in Selfie, Marguerite in Dearly Departed, Emily Hobbs in Elf, Wendy Jo in Footloose, Beverly Brown in The Mad Ones, and Ursula in The Little Mermaid.

She also was the winner of 2020’s East Hall school talent show, Vahallah’s Got Talent. When she won everyone over with her performance of the song “Funny Girl” form the musical “Funny Girl” And now Maura has taken up office as the president of the theatre department she has been a part of for so long. Being president of the theatre department is a big job but if anyone can do it it’s Maura Ostrander.

“It’s very rewarding for me. It can definitely be stressful sometimes because I’m constantly busy.” Maura said.

Maura is the perfect president and a great role model for new theatre students. She has shown exponential growth on the stage and many young performers at East Hall look up to her.