Students Take an Interactive View Into the Holocaust


Sylvia Puckett walks her class through the events of the Holocaust.

East Hall teachers strive to make learning as interactive as possible for students to absorb the impact of what they are learning. U.S history teacher Sylvia Puckett made it possible with an interactive walkthrough through the WWI and WWII era.

This is Mrs. Puckett’s first year teaching at East Hall but she quickly was able to integrate into the school’s environment becoming the supervisor of East Hall’s Student Council and a coach for the girls’ soccer team.

“East Hall gives me a lot more technology that I can use to really help advance my lessons,” said Puckett. “I would have never had a space big enough or enough technology to do something like this at my old school.”

Mrs. Puckett worked with instructional coach John Hardison to build a walkthrough experience for students learn about the events of the war and most importantly about the Holocaust. There were stations set up of each decade with information and newspapers from the time detailing what was happening and augmented reality that showed items that were commonly used during war.

There was also a demonstration where students were crammed into a small rectangle representing the train cart used to transport victims to the concentration camps. Most importantly was the dozen jars set up with rice grains representing the 13 million people killed during the Holocaust.

“I want them to walk away realizing that it was real people affected by these events, not just some numbers and facts they hear about.”

Jars of rice are filled to represent lives lost during the Holocaust.

Mrs. Puckett focused on genocide as she completed her graduate school degree and she decided to take the chance with this unit to teach her students about one part of what she studied. Puckett has been able to take her history students to the Holocaust Museum in DC before, but because of the pandemic she decided to bring the museum to the school.

At Valhalla News, we love to highlight the wonderful things teachers do for their students and to help them learn in a new and exciting way. We hope to see more projects like these come to our school and point out the hard work that our East Hall teachers do.