SHIELD Spotlight: Paola Lopez Hernandez


Paola Lopez Hernandez is an East Hall Senior who embodies S.H.I.EL.D, and no we’re not talking about The Avengers, we mean Strength Honor Integrity Effort Loyalty and Determination. East Hall High School will soon begin picking six students every two weeks that exemplify these morals.. 


It’s no surprise a teacher picked Paola for the SHIELD spotlight. From her academic classes to playing the saxophone in band she always shows much effort and determination in everything she puts her mind to. 


Q: What does SHIELD mean to you?


A: “SHIELD to me means trying your hardest, embodying all the words that SHIELD stands for, and overall being the best person you can be.”


Q: Do you think you Embody SHIELD?


A: “I think I sometimes embody SHIELD but I’m not a perfect person.”


Q: Why do you think a teacher selected you for this?


A: “I think a teacher chose me because I try to pay attention in all of my classes and complete my work.”


Q: Did you expect to be picked?


A: “No I did not”


Q: How would you encourage others to use SHIELD?


A: “I would encourage them by saying they should always try their hardest and have a goal to work towards.” 


Paola is an exemplary student who raises her SHIELD and makes everyday a great day. As a benefit for winning the SHIELD spotlight Paola’s picture will be displayed in the Integrity Hall and she will receive a Shirt that will allow free access into any school event. So Vikings make sure you are raising your shield everyday and you may be one of the lucky few that get a SHIELD spotlight.