SHIELD Spotlight: Diego Escanuel


Diego Escanuel is an East Hall Junior who embodies S.H.I.EL.D, which stands for Strength Honor Integrity Effort Loyalty and Determination. East Hall High School will soon begin picking six students every two weeks that exemplify these morals. 


Diego is a hardworking student and though he may not have expected it a teacher noticed and nominated him for the Shield wall. 


Q: What does SHIELD mean to you?


A: “SHIELD means working hard and getting good grades”


Q: Do you think you Embody SHIELD?


A: “Yeah, I think I do.”


Q: Why do you think a teacher selected you for this?


A: “I don’t know, I did not expect it.”


Q: How would you encourage others to use SHIELD?


A: “Work hard to get higher grades and show up to school.” 


Diego raises his SHIELD and makes everyday a great day. As a benefit for winning the SHIELD spotlight Diego’s picture will be displayed in the Integrity Hall and he will receive a Shirt that will allow free access into any school event. So Vikings, make sure you are raising your shield everyday and you may be one of the lucky few that get a SHIELD spotlight.