Youth Leadership Hall: Industry Day


   There are many opportunities people receive at East Hall High School. One of those is Youth Leadership Hall, a program that helps build leadership skills. The participants get to do different projects once a month that provides real life experiences that help build skills to be successful leaders. On Tuesday, March 23rd Youth Leadership Hall had a meeting called “Industry Day.” Industry Day is visiting different businesses and seeing how many options there really are when getting a job. They got to travel in Hall County to see how business works and build their skills.


YLH began their day with breakfast at LCCA before they headed to their first destination. They then got on the bus to visit Glo-Crest Dairy Farm. They got hands-on experience of how milk starts at their dairy farm and the process it goes through before it is put on the shelf. Glo-Crest Dairy is one of the biggest producers of milk in the United States and takes pride in all they do for the dairy Industry. They got to see calfs, and all of the cows that are used to produce milk at the farm. After learning about the farming Industry, they rode over to the Mountain Fresh Creamery where they ate ice cream before heading to their next destination.


Participants then rode to the company “Bitzer US,” where Plant Manager, Mike Zeiler, would teach about the Steel Industry. Bitzer US is responsible for making cooling units you often see to keep food cold in grocery stores. They got to see all of the different aspects that go into making these small units. Mike took the participants on a tour of the process on how they make these units. The process is very important and is a business people often don’t see as significant. Bitzer also provided the snacks and lunch for the participants and chaperones of the day. 


They ended the day at Lanier College & Career Academy with the Operations Training Manager, Terry Spicer, of King’s Hawaiian. Terry talked about the different parts of the company and just how much it takes to get their famous Sweet Hawaiian Rolls onto the shelves. They got to learn about the different opportunities you can receive within the company and the history behind the King’s Hawaiian name. Similar to Bitzer, they also got to learn about the process from start to finish of all their products they have. Overall, Youth Leadership Hall had a great “Industry Day.”