How do East Hall Students feel about Lil Nas x’s new song


Lil Nas X is a music artist best known for his song “Old Town Road” which took the world by storm back in 2019, with over 3 billion streams the country rap song featuring Billy Ray Cyrus boosted Nas to the top, becoming a favorite for many people. However Lil Nas X has recently caused a major uproar with his recent song dividing his fan base and turning many against him. On March 26, 2021 Lil Nas X released the song MONTERO (call me by your name) along with a pair of shoes to go along with the new song and music video.


  The controversy stems from the contents of the music video and the design Nas went with for the matching shoes. The video depicts some sexually explicit content and satanic imagery as well as being  jammed packed with stunning visuals and artistic choices. The sexual nature of the video is what has caused the most up roar. Many find the video and song too inappropriate, and are concerned about children watching. Many Christians are not a fan of the satanic imagery and tie in Satan shoes.


You can easily find public outrage on facebook and twitter but I wanted to see what just the students of EHHS had to say. I created a survey to see if students have seen the video and what their thoughts were. 36% of students who took the survey said they had not seen the video and the other 64% said they watched the video and enjoyed it. Students also could leave additional comments if they wished here are some of their response’s


“I loved the message that he would be willing to go to hell if it meant he could finally accept who he was.”


“I’ve seen clips of it and I think THAT S*** IS SO FUNNY. Like the amount of people that are upset is unmatched honestly. I would just like to say genius marketing.”


“hell’s new national anthem”


“It’s beautiful. Acceptance of what some consider “the worse” outcome is beautiful. Not only that, but to decide to make the best out of any outcome is also the truest life lesson.”


“Cultural Reset- it’s a song about a hookup, with two gay men—— something that hasn’t been very popular before in a song.”


“The song isn’t about being disrespectful to christianity but how christianity is disrespectful to the LGBTQ+. This is Lil Nas X’s way of saying he would rather be accepted in Hell than be someone he isn’t in heaven.”


In response to the shoes a student said 

They’re shoes…people go out in public without shoes sometimes…that’s the bigger problem” 


Not all students felt the same though of course. 


“I understand and love the message he is trying to send, however, I think it could’ve been done in a different way. When I see his tweets, the video, the website for the shoes, I often see him grouping all Christians together and as a Christian who has always been in full support of the LGBTQ+ community, it really hurts my heart. And yes, I understand what kind of hatred that LGBTQ+ members have experienced from people who claim that they are Christian, but those are not true Christians. Christianity is not about spreading hate, it’s about spreading love and kindness, even if someone is different from you. I know what he was trying to say with everything he has put out, I just personally wish it had been in a different way. I think he should’ve let his words do the talking rather than putting out things that can be seen as glorying the devil and saying that all Christians are bad, cause that is simply not true. There’s always going to be bad people, with stupid arguments as to why they hate other people, but we shouldn’t believe them when they say it’s because “they’re are Christian” because if they truly were, they wouldn’t be so discriminatory. I still love Lil Nas X and his music, i just personally think this wasn’t the move”