SRO of The Year: Officer Chris Alford

SRO of The Year: Officer Chris Alford

Officer Chris Alford became a school resource officer in March of 2014 at East Hall Middle School and then switched over to East Hall High School in 2018. Officer Alford has always made East Hall students feel safe and protected. His nice and friendly aura makes everyone feel welcomed. 


The Hall County Sheriff’s Office recently awarded him Hall County School Resource Officer of the year, and there’s no one more deserving of that honor than him. 


“The sheriff himself handed that award to me and stated that on a personal note from him, he received so many calls and emails from the East Hall community thanking me for my service,” said Alford.


Before being an SRO, Officer Alford worked well with the kids he would encounter while being a police officer.  “I found it easier to talk to the kids I dealt with on patrolling the streets, and I’ve done follow ups with them,” so when the opportunity came along for him to be a school resource officer he took it. 


Alford has been an SRO with East Hall for 8 years now and has loved being a part of this community. 


“I love the students here at East Hall. The school has diversity in culture, economic status, and personalities. I’ve watched these students grow and develop into adults.”  He said.  “I am very proud to be part of East Hall because we are a family and we have to take care of each other. At school, I treat all the kids with dignity and respect and let them know they are special.”


East Hall could not have asked for a better School Resource Officer!