SHIELD Spotlight: Lily Ladd


Lily Ladd is an East Hall Sophomore who embodies every word of S.H.I.E.L.D. East Hall High School is picking six students every two weeks that exemplify these morals.. 


It’s no surprise a teacher picked Lily for the SHIELD spotlight. Lily shows much effort and determination in all her academic classes and even her extracurriculars she is involved in like band class where she plays clarinet and marching band where she plays synth and piano. She is also seamstress for East Hall’s theatre department where she sews many costumes used in the performances. She always shows much honor, determination, and integrity in everything she puts her mind to. 


Q: What does SHIELD mean to you?


A: “Helping others and making sure everyone is taken care of.”


Q: Do you think you Embody SHIELD?


A: “I try my best to always embody what SHIELD means to me.”


Q: Why do you think a teacher selected you for this?


A: “I honestly don’t know, this has been a very stressful year and I don’t think I have done my best.”


Q: Did you expect to be picked?


A: “It was very unexpected.”


Q: How would you encourage others to use SHIELD?


A: “I Would encourage others to help each other out and be kind to everyone.” 


Lily is an exemplary student who raises her SHIELD and makes everyday a great day. As a benefit for winning the SHIELD spotlight Lily’s picture will be displayed in the Integrity Hall and she will receive a Shirt that will allow free access into any school event. So Vikings make sure you are raising your shield everyday and you may be one of the lucky few that get a SHIELD spotlight.