Senior Spotlight: Taylor Preston


To start off the year with the Newspaper, we have senior athletes and on this list is Senior Taylor Preston; she is the captain of color guard. At East Hall High School, we have a color guard that is part of the Marching band. Color guard is a really big part of big bangs for the visuals of the show. In color guard we have to be synchronized not only with each other’s movements, but the band’s steps as well. It takes a lot of athleticism to be able to not only keep this 6ft pole up, but to be able to throw it and catch it while being in sync with each other. And, something to keep in mind, even if you’re actually right with your spot on the field, if it is not in line with others. You are wrong. This part of color guard is where you really follow others, even if you know it’s wrong. This year for this show it is taking a lot more athletics and synchronizing then it did last year. Especially this year with the fact that the theme is Day Of The Dead.
We were lucky enough to catch an interview with senior Taylor Preston, color guard captain. We started off with her feelings about a lot of it such as, how she was feeling about being captain, her favorite thing about color guard, what made her want to join color guard, and how she feels about the work/routine and look this year, ect.
She said it was shocking to her, to be the captain because she had tried out for it in a previous year. She also mentioned that it is usually only seniors that are captains, however this year we also have a Sophomore as a captain. Both of our captains this year are very good, hard working members and we are lucky to have them on our team.
The second question that we asked about color guard has affected her and her personality. It had a very large impact and it basically built her personality, it made her work and lose weight. Made her do a lot of stuff that she probably wouldn’t have been doing without it. It definitely made her work towards a goal of being better and doing more stuff, getting out there and helping her reach further.
If there was something she could change about this, it would just be for other people to think about it as the sport that it is. It takes a lot of control and strength, not to mention members on the team have to run a lot, especially for this show.
When asked about how she would describe color guard to others she mentioned how she thought it was very fun and if people came up to her about not being sure if they wanted to continue to just hold it off till the first game and it gets infinitely better. It makes you really proud of what you have accomplished in front of hundreds of people.
Struggles she has had, and a lot of other members have had, is drill, otherwise known as the spots on the field. She struggled with this a lot in 9th and 10th grade. Another struggle would be learning work. “I need alone time for it to click” Which, a lot of others can relate. She went on to say that going through it with one other person helped her a lot to learn her work.
Going off of earlier, one of her favorite things about color guard isn’t only marching with friends, but the fact that it builds a family, and by the end of the season, really like the second game, you already have a whole other family. And, the first football game is always beautiful.
When asked about what her future plans were and if she plans on continuing in college, she replied that she was planning on becoming a first grade teacher and didn’t know if she was going to continue doing color guard. It really depended on if the college she was going to had a color guard program.
Her feelings on the show and uniform this year were mixed. The show theme this year was weird to her, not necessarily a bad weird but just weird. She said that the routine this year was really good, but there is a lot of strip work, it makes the silk less visible, that way the body movements are more important. As for the uniform she also has mixed feelings on that. She loves the skirt, as do most of the members, the body suit is a little iffy to her. Wouldn’t be her first choice of uniform, but isn’t the worst thing ever.
Last but not least, probably the most important question to ask, What made her want to do color guard? She said she copied her sister a lot and that influenced her decision a lot. Her sister did guard, so she wanted to as well. The first game she went to was her sister’s first game of her freshman year. And, watching them made her want to do it.