East Hall Wins its First Game of the Season


East Hall against West Hall at home on August 28.

Last Friday, the varsity football team won its first game of the season against Johnson. The team is very happy, especially since they lost their first two games against West Hall, their biggest rivals, and Franklin County. As of now, their record is 1-2; 0-1 and third overall in AAAA region 8.


The first game of the season was a tough one against the West Hall Spartans at home. West Hall scored their first touchdown; the score was 7-0 at the end of the first quarter. East Hall didn’t score until #5 quarterback Clete Cooper completed a 60-yard pass for a touchdown. During the second quarter, #58 linebacker and right guard Isaiah “Big Michii” McClary injured his left knee. He had sprained his ACL and fractured his knee. He will be out for most of the season. At halftime, the score was 21-14. The fans, even the players were upset that West Hall was winning the game. After playing their best, East Hall lost 48-21.


Their second game was away against the Franklin County Lions. Unfortunately, they lost 38-21. Cooper, #7 wide receiver Justin Gilbert, and #8 linemen Marcus Holmberg were East Hall’s scorers. 


Recently, they played away against the Johnson Knights. Fans were sure that the Vikings would easily outscore the Knights, but after the first quarter score of 6-14, they realized that the Knights were tougher and better than they thought. In the second quarter, Cooper was able to tie the game 14-14, rushing a four-yard touchdown and attempting a 2-yard conversion. Later, Holmberg rushed a five-yard touchdown, breaking the tie 20-14. However, Johnson tied the game with #7 quarterback Michael Thurmond threw a 22-yard pass to #5 wide receiver Jeffery Castillo, tying the game 20-20. At halftime, East Hall was winning 28-21. During the third quarter, East Hall had more possession of the ball, leading in points. However, at the end of third quarter, Johnson was able to tie the game again 35-35. At the start of the fourth quarter, The Vikings were able to break the tie again. Through the last quarter, the Vikings’ defense didn’t allow Johnson to score any more touchdowns. The final score was 49-35. Though the Knights lost, they’ve improved this season. Last season they lost to East Hall 41-7. 


The team’s goal this season is to make it to the playoffs. They are strong on offense and have good chemistry; the team is like a brotherhood. However, they need to improve on defense, and the underclassmen still have so much growth ahead of them. In fact, there are a lot of freshmen on the varsity football team this year. Some standout freshmen are #18 Tyrone Buffingtion and #12 Caden Daniels. Also at the end of the 2020-21 school year, Coach Matt Turner was hired as the new head coach. He attended and played football at East Hall High. He got an offer from the University of Georgia, but he got injured. He formerly coached football at Lakeview Academy.


They will play the homecoming game against East Jackson at home this Friday at 7:30 pm. The student section theme is Gold Out. The last time they played them, they won 49-34. JV football has had a great season, winning their first two games against Riverside and Chestatee. They play Johnson this Thursday at home.