Homecoming Week


Y’all get your votes in because on September 18 it will be homecoming! So pick your queen and three princesses.  Now if you want to talk to the people who are going to set up you can go talk Ms.Puckett. Ms. Puckett is the leader of Student Council and she and this group of students get everything prepared for upcoming events. But don’t worry about going outside in tents because Homecoming has been moved to the gym. Students should wear their best pastel color for the date, so lots of soft colors to match the theme of the night.  Now if you are wondering where you would get your tickets you need to go to the lunchroom, or at the gate. Tickets cost $15 dollars this week, but it is $20 dollars at the door.  So here is the best part of the week. Monday is “Lazy Monday”, Tuesday is “Tacky Tourist Day”, Wednesday is “Mean Girl Wednesday”, Thursday is “Cowboy vs. Cowgirl” and Friday is “Spirit Day”.  

Now it would not be a Homecoming without a pep rally. The pep rally this week will be one for the ages. Well, you might want to bring a change of clothes because there will be pie face,  and there will be a makeup war with the football players, so be ready to look your best.  Now this right here is where you get to show who is the strongest class in the school, because their will be tug of war so bring your A game, because it will be “Freshman vs Senior” and “Sophomore vs Junior,¨ also bring a pillow case because they will be giving out candy to people there, but you grab some of your popcorn because there will be a cheer routine so sit back and watch them cheer on.  This pep rally is still awaiting official confirmation, due to COVID restrictions but everyone in the student body is hoping for it to be put on safely.

Now also if you want to support the end of Homecoming you should come to the Homecoming football game. Now I say that, because it is the return of the East Hall graduates, and so all of the graduates from East Hall can come together and watch the East Hall High school team beat East Jackson High school.  So It should be a good game because East Jackson is “1-3” and East Hall is “1-2” so it should be an interesting game to watch on Homecoming week.

So you should go to the East Hall High school game because, but the most important is that you should be part of the homecoming game and support your school because they worked hard for this homecoming should you support them and come if not that is okay.  But this should be a fun week and make the best week you can make it.