Humans of Valhalla: Coach Fields


Coach Fields is a new coach and teacher at East Hall High School. While looking for a job to fill in at a high school, she had a lead at Flowery Branch High School but due to complications of finding a spot to fill in she was later called by East Hall having an available spot for Fields. Taking the time to have a conversation with her, there is far more information than we know from the outside. As we all know her as the new coach for cross country, Fields herself has a background of running cross country & track throughout her High School career. She ran for three years & also ran for 15 years in total. Attending University of Georgia through a scholarship for 2 years. Learning & taking note of things to do & not do after having a bad coach that made her learn more things that she can use for coaching.


As for her determination and positive attitude, it’s a way of bringing more people together such as her team and for the runners to make the sport a better and fun environment. The motivation she gets from being a runner and a coach is anyone can run, anybody who hasn’t run or done a sport can be a successful runner without having the experience. Communication is something that Fields believes can make a difference to the runners, and the way positivity is passed around the team making it more fun. It makes it more friendly for those who aren’t the communicating type, but also makes them feel as if they are one family team. A good runner to her has patience, and is dedicated to getting their runs in. Patience is taking their time during practices and not pushing themselves to the limit. 


“Patience and dedication is the key to a good runner no matter what your level of talent is” stated Fields. Competition is her number one priority, since she likes pushing herself. Although as her high school years were passing by, the thing that made her think that running was her sport was that, there’s nothing wrong with running, it’s a sport for anyone and even without any knowledge or experience she strives to bring more people to the sport. I, myself, run cross country and having Coach Fields on the team really does make us improve and get better throughout the many obstacles we have. Even while there’s days that may look hard to us, Fields motivates us to keep pushing and also support one another. Coach Fields is part of the Viking family and will continue to strive for the top.