What’s the Deal with Nintendo?


Nintendo is a game company that most people have nothing but good things to say about. They’re family friendly and make great games that both kids and adults can enjoy. What’s not to like about Nintendo? Well there a lot actually, a lot more than you would think.

So what’s not to like about Nintendo and what’s the shady things they have done? First let’s talk about the “minor” things they have done before we discuss the big things. Nintendo in the past has shut down and set cease and desist letters to multiple fan games and fan game creators Pokémon uranium. Back when YouTube was first starting up they would false copyright strike all uploads of their music on YouTube. 

Afterwards they then created a program known as the “ Nintendo Creators Program” which would allow users to upload video related to Nintendo and Nintendo properties as long as they pay Nintendo a portion of what the video makes. Now this is obviously terrible as talking about video games or reviewing them is fair use which means that Nintendo has been false copyright striking these channel and the Creator program was started at a time when you needed an agency to be able to monetize your video so along with the money creator have to give to be able to money off of their own video Nintendo is also taking a cut out of it.

Okay with that out of the way let’s talk about some of the bigger things Nintendo has done to make people upset. There’s two controversies I’m going to talk about and the first one being the big house controversy. For those that don’t know the Big House is an organization that organizes smash bros tournaments. This year was pretty uneventful for obvious reason, with COVID going around it made it impossible for people to get together and this was a problem for Big House since they have in person venues for the tournaments so they found out about a mod known as Slippi which can allow people to play online which means people could watch the event from there home but sometime before the tournament would start Big House announced on twitter they would be cancelling the tournament due to a cease and desist letter they said “We are forced to comply with the order and cancel The Big House Online” a hashtag then started know as #freemelee which people hope would get the message out .

Time to move on the second thing they have done and it involves a Splatoon 2 tournament. Now the tournament started out fine and normal after a couple of days we had our top contender to play in the finals but before it started Nintendo stated that the contenders were cancelled due to “unexpected executional challenges,”. It’s important to keep in mind that the Splatoon tournament was happening around the same time that the Big House controversy was going on. All the player that were slated to compete in the finals had either tweeted #freemelee or had anything related to that. 

Unfortunately Nintendo never re-started the tournament but maybe that was for the best because of the prize pool they were going to give out to the winner which was a laughable 200 dollars. Just for reference the top contenders who were cancelled by Nintendo went on to start their own tournament and the prize pool was over 25 thousand, but hey at least this Splatoons prize pool was more than the last tournament which was a whopping 25 dollars which wasn’t even in real currency they gave it out as gold points for the Nintendo E-Shop.

Overall these are some of the bad things Nintendo has done. Note that I’m not calling you a bad person for buying their games nor am I going to berate you but It’s still important to know the terrible things the company has done. Game companies are not our friends and its import know that they only care about the reputation and the money they make not about being fair or making people happy.