XC: Hall County Championships


Hall County Cross Country Championships are coming up this Saturday & it’s been starting to look like East Hall may have a chance. The meet will be held at North Hall park starting with varsity boys at 8:30am and girls at 9:00am. Boys & Girls JV around 9:30am. So far the cross country team has been having a great season this year & as being in cross country myself. 

The last meet at North Hall park was our third meet so far & starting off the forth as championships is going to be a challenge for both Varsity & JV. 

With the hard work that the team has put into becoming prepared for the big one, Coaches Wilson & Fields have been making an effort to push the team & to make us stronger as a team to catch onto others. Times for the boys & girls have been decreasing with the two top boys being in their 20s for a 5K. There is yet more to come for this season as for three other meets after this one, last being the regionals. But so far the team has been making improvements with their runs & their teamwork all together. The season started off with everyone figuring out their times & then working for the better to beat their time, those especially are both boys & girls. For the results that were gained from the past three meets there has been competition with the boys who want to surpass one another but especially the top guys. 

The team overall has made improvements since the start of the season with only having fewer people join but after being patient & having that determination to go out & run, & to push yourself to the limit. Not only does the team necessarily focus on one person, generally it’s about how we’ve improved as a team. Not knowing what you did to contribute to the team is helping the team getting stronger & bigger for a better chance for a winning chance & also for a better way of improving yourself as well. 

Abby Quezada, a senior, has led the girls team this season.

Cross country is a sport where anyone can join & fit in with the rest of the group, friends, coaches, are one big family that has the courage to keep the hard work & to help one another for the benefit of more communication & learning to make friends while doing the hard work. My faith & confidence come from the people who are around me & support me for the work I’ve put into this sport. It has many opportunities but at the end of the day you’ve done the work & now it’s you telling yourself whether you want to keep pushing daily. As far as that goes the team will be running a big race when the championships come up this Saturday morning. Hope to see good results & for the best to be on top succeeding from those. It will be a great race & hope to see you people there!