Halftime Highlights!

As always, many fans came out to see East Hall’s marching band. And as always, they gave the crowd a spectacular show, like they always do. For readers who don’t know what a marching band is, it is a school band (or really any band that marches) who go through weeks of training and being around each other trying to make a show that looks and sounds amazing. East Hall’s marching band is directed by the school’s band teacher, Vincent Tancredi. Within this marching band there is a section called Color Guard; a color guard is a group of people within the Marching Band whose purpose is to further the visualization and storytelling of the show. They specialize in flag twirling and throwing and have multiple different flags they can use within shows.

East Hall High School has a remarkable Marching Band team, and an amazing show that they put on for us. The theme is ‘La Familia’ which is a very important moral to have going into a Marching Band. They also brought forward those who are in their marching band and asked for pictures of family members who they are remembering, and put them on a prop to have it represented within the show. The marching band is a second family, one that you can trust and have with you. Not only do they offer a show at half time, but they offer support and cheering for the football team with stand tunes (the music they play while they are in the bleachers). A stand tune that is a fan favorite is ‘Go Mighty Vikings’. 

Moving on to the actual show, some highlights would be some of the props and moving from the props. The color guard team is one thing that will be focused on within this feature. The color guard has a very important job within the telling of family members coming back to see them. In the very beginning of the show there is a bridge prop and to introduce the band they walk across it, other than the color guard. The color guard lays down on this bridge and when the music begins to play they stand up and start moving towards their spot. But, it is a very flowy movement and they represent it well. The guard also did a really good movement within the first few seconds of the show beginning. A big bang to represent the beginning of the show is always welcome and always appreciated. As for the band, they played their parts well, as they always do, and the music was phenomenal and their technique was even better. They moved well on the field and from the view of the stands it looked like they all made it to their spots in time. They marched in time and it was an amazing performance to be able to watch.