Ask Away!


Want some advice? Need to get something off your shoulders? We are opening up an advice column we are calling, Ask Away!. We have a Google Form Link where you can submit a question and/or just tell us something completely anonymous and be answered by any of our staff who will be participating in this column. The link will be pasted at the top of our school website, The [email protected]
Any questions are welcome and will be answered to the best of our abilities. We will tell it to you straight and are ready for your questions: whether they be about school and academics, extra curricular activities, questions about sports teams around the school, any sort of drama that you need help with figuring out, family stuff if you need help, or any sort of relationship drama. The focus is on you and getting advice for whatever may be on your mind.
We have been researching other advice columns to give readers examples of what would be the general idea of what would be happening. “Asking For a Friend” the queistineer is Liza Featherstone she answers a series of questions and gives advice to those who contact her. For more examples you can look at ‘’ It is a reliable source of other advice columns.

Send your problems, thoughts, and issues you need help with here: