Friday Night Lights: North Oconee Titans at East Hall Vikings


Coming off of a rough start to the year, the East Hall Vikings football team prepared for their upcoming game two weeks ago. Both teams came out ready to go to war for the following quarters. Each team stretched that cool afternoon preparing for the starting kickoff.

 From the first quarter to the final horn, anyone at the game can tell you that despite efforts from the Vikings, North Oconee got the upperhand quickly and the game was out of reach before the Vikings could find their footing. Struggles with the offensive line has been a known issue that the team has been working on with East Hall’s offense, especially against North Oconee’s defense. They would easily slice through the O-Line, forcing quarterback Clete Cooper to have to move on many plays throughout the game. Defensive struggles also played a part, with multiple run plays resulting in quick hitting scores for the Titans. The Titans would have 35 points in the first quarter before putting their backups in after. Going into halftime the score would be 42-0 North Oconee at the half. After a great halftime performance by each school’s band (see Frankie Ferguson’s article “Halftime Highlights”), both teams returned to the field. The Vikings came out in the second half looking much better. Defense was more consistent and offense even had a few good possessions. Finally, at the end of the game, the score would be 56-0, North Oconee victory.

Despite this rough loss, the team still seems to remain optimistic for the rest of the season. Hopes are high and the Vikings are determined to not let a losing record get in the way of further games, such as the upcoming Senior Night game this Friday, October 29th.