Summer School and Why You Should Attend

Summer School and Why You Should Attend
Students sit around Mrs. Tabeek as she teaches

Now that winter break has come to a close, the end of the year is drawing closer and closer. And with the end of the year comes the finalized grades of whatever grade you are in now. Whether it be from missing assignments, bad tests, or just overall a poor school year, some students will finish with a failing grade. While this isn’t great, just because you failed doesn’t mean it’s over. You do have the option to retake that class next year in place of one of your electives or worse, time after school. Now I’m sure no one wants to miss out on an elective, so instead of missing out on an elective, summer school is a great, faster method to make up for your performance.

Now I understand that no one wants to give up time in their summer to go to school, but it isn’t as bad as it sounds. Summer school runs for only 2 weeks from May 31st through June 17th, and you only attend class for half the day. No exact time is currently set in stone, so watch for confirmation on summer school days. Now this is important, to apply for summer school you must talk with your teachers. They can apply you for summer school to makeup for your class. Through summer school, you can receive replacement credit for your grade for core classes only. No electives can be replaced through summer school.

Seen here is Mrs. Lundy, the Summer School coordinator

While at summer school, you will work in your classes to makeup for your performance the previous year. Mrs. Lundy, the Summer School coordinator for East Hall, said, “Summer school provides students with the opportunity to receive help from teachers on standards they require help with in exchange for grade replacement.” This article was written on January 7th, so summer school is still a ways away. Times, dates, and other things may change as the year progresses so stay tuned for updates both from East Hall and Mrs. Lundy.

To wrap things up, summer school provides a great opportunity to students who had a bad year to recover from their final grade without sacrificing an elective or time after school. No matter how low your grade may fall, there is always an opportunity for improvement if you look hard enough.