Trailblazers: First Generation College Student Club


Out of all students that attended college in 2021, almost a third of them were first generation students. That’s thousands of new people entering college without having a family to turn to for help with navigating the college system. Many first generation students end up feeling lost and confused in the college landscape. Here at East Hall, our first generation college club wants to change that. The first generation college students club works to prepare students for college by familiarizing you with terminology and helping you find your way through the college system.

The first generation college students club meets regularly with Mrs. Browning, and as she says, “Most students can sometimes be at a disadvantage because they don’t have the support at home in order to help them through these different processes. Our goal is just to expose them to the different opportunities and make sure they’re following through with deadlines and understanding what makes a good college application, what types of financial aid opportunities are out there and how do you go about securing those financial aid opportunities.It’s just to even the playing field and help students who haven’t been really exposed to that environment before and understand it better.” 

The club sounds great, but I’m sure you would like to know how to join the club. To join, simply just start showing up to the club’s numerous meetings. The first generation college students club usually meets on a monthly basis during shield time. During these meetings, a specific topic about college will be discussed. Every meeting is a new topic. Currently the club is planning a field trip for older students like seniors to actually go to a college campus and get information directly from real admissions officers. The next meeting as of the day of writing this paper will be Friday, January 21st, 2022.

For those of you interested in joining, besides contacting Mrs. Browning, you can join the club’s reminder @firstgeneh to receive messages about meetings and general information about the club.

In conclusion, the First Gen College students club provides all of our students a somewhat even playing field and preparation for college and beyond. The club is always happy to accept new members so don’t feel afraid to sign up.