A Look at NGCF Scholarships

A Look at NGCF Scholarships

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Visit EPICC 1 during SHIELD time on Friday, February 11th.


One of the biggest single payments a person will make in their lifetime is paying for college. Tuition, room and board, and books all combine to make college a very expensive, threatening endeavor. The average college student will take over 20 years to repay all of their student loans, with some even taking up to 45 years. This debt is something that scares many away from achieving their full potential in college. There are ways that you can avoid this trap, one of which being using all available scholarships to their full potential. One group aims to help students in North Georgia take advantage of these scholarships. The North Georgia Community Foundation aims to give kids in need support for college payment through finding and offering scholarships.

North Georgia Community Foundation gives you access to many scholarships available to North Georgia students. Some scholarships offered by them are specific to certain high schools, so be sure to read all the requirements for application to scholarships. These scholarships will provide money to go towards college fees. These scholarships are awarded for a variety of things. One category is just graduating. Some scholarships are given out to seniors just for graduating and needing the financial support for college. Another scholarship given out is for maintaining good grades throughout high school. Another genre of scholarships given out is those given out for sports activity, like the Lambert Lacrosse Scholarship. One more scholarship given out is to the children of parents that work certain jobs, such as children of state troopers, first responders, and Toyota.

Overall, programs like the North Georgia Community Foundation are programs that all high school students should be aware of. It can be a great way to pay for college for those of us that are less fortunate with finances. If you have any questions, go to EPICC 1 during shield time on Friday, January 28th and Friday, February 11th 2022. College opens up so many pathways in the world for young people, and finances should not stand in the way of that. Every student should be at least trying everything they can to send themselves to college.


NGCF Home Page: https://www.ngcf.org/ 

View All Scholarships: https://www.ngcf.org/scholarships/view-scholarships/

Frequently Asked Questions About Scholarships: https://www.ngcf.org/scholarships/scholarship-faqs/

Apply: https://www.ngcf.org/scholarships/apply/

Application Tutorial Video: https://vimeo.com/668276146