The tallest man in the world


I want to know how the tallest man in the world felt and where he was able to get stuff he could wear or use. His name is Robert Pershing Wadlow also known as alton giant his height is 8’11 and that is really really tall for normal average height for a person. Robert must have had a lot of attention by the time he was 8 he was probably 5’10 what I have heard from people being tall even if they are young they grow a lot and more faster than the normal size of a person.This is also an unbeatable record and that is how you know he could be the only one to be that tall. There are some people who are 7’0 foot but still does not stand as tall as Robert. In his shoes, It would be really hard to find clothes and anything there were more people who have been but not right now.

Just from seeing there are many people with height who do struggle a lot like shaquille he said that when he was growing up he did struggle a lot for clothes and shoes, because he is like a 22 and for him it was hard. He had said it in a video once that it was hard for him to say.  “My mom had a very low paying job.” and it was really bad he had been doing so much to try to find some shoes. But I think anyone who is tall can say that for themselves and everything with Robert being the very tallest he grew really tall at a young age by the time he was a teen he was 6’6 or if not taller because he was 8’11.


He has been noticed and has gotten more famous when he was really really tall and he started to get noticed by big people and the new. And he has  met up with people and also met up with the smallest women in the world. He has been recognized a lot and was also on the world record book and people can actually go and see him but it is a statue that is sitting on a cair and when you click a button and it rises.You can find out the different with you and him it is a really fun to go do that and seeing how big he was. Unfortunately he died on july 15,1940 in a hotel around 1;00 in the morning.


Here are some interesting facts about the tallest man in the world at the age of 13 he became the world’s tallest boy scout wear his uniform was specifically made for his height.He broke the record for the world’s tallest men at 18 where he was at 8’4.By the time he was 21 he had outgrown his father and outweigh his father while his own dad standed out at 6’2.He also had a really big shoe size at (47 cm long) and his arm span was at (9ft 5.75) he was tall and long.He had consumed about 8000 calories on a daily base.Later in his life his legs were weakened and he had to get leg braces.