Will Smith Slaps Chris Rock



Will Smith slaps Chris Rock on the cheek at the 94th Academy Awards.

At the Oscars last night, actor and producer Will Smith slapped Chris Rock after joking about his wife Jada Pickett’s hair in front of millions of fans. Later, he went back to the stage to get his Oscar for Best Male actor for his role in “King Richard”.


Jada Pickett Smith has alopecia, which causes the hair to fall out. On “Red Table Talk” she opened up about how insecure she is about losing her hair. Rock allegedly didn’t know that she had alopecia.


After Rock said the joke, at first Will Smith was laughing. He looked at Jada, who gave him an annoyed looked. As Chris Rock was continuing with his talking, Smith went up to him, slapped him, and went back to his seat. He shouted out from his seat, “Keep my wife’s name out your [redacted] mouth! I said keep my wife’s name out your [redacted] mouth!”


On Monday, everyone at East Hall was talking about it. Erik Almendarez, a sophomore says,”It was brought [up] in first period because everyone saw it on Tik Tok. Everyone has taken a side either with Will or Chris. Honestly, Chris was in the wrong and Will did the right thing.” 


Some students believe that Smith didn’t do anything wrong by slapping Rock, but others think that Smith was immature the way he reacted.


Smith apologized to the Academy Awards for his actions. He hasn’t formally apologies to Rock yet. The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences (AMPAS) and the Los Angeles Police Department is currently doing a formal review of the situation.


What are your thoughts on the situation? Do you think that Will Smith should be banned from the Oscars?

Source: People