What Do You Do in Automotive?


At East Hall, there are many CTAE pathways that you can take here, one of them being automotive. One student, Jose Gonzalez, says a lot goes on there and he talks about the different ways that automotive class helps them learn and he thinks people would love it if they gave it a chance. Jose also goes on to talk about how they teach you by doing it step by step and then seeing it helps a lot. There are some people who do work on cars but there are also some that just watch and see what goes on and there is a lot of work that is done and it is really hard but really fun he says. He also goes on to tell me that they also watch videos in a different way to see and show how whatever they are working on is fixed so let’s say for a wheel they talk about how to rotate it and how to take it off. Anything can be done, he says. It just takes a lot of time and a lot of effort for it to be done. My friend also tells me that he does not just do that working on cars, he does more.

Jose says he also does construction outside of school, and that automotive have helped him with building housing and other buildings that are being built right now. He says he loves to do it and that it’s good for him because he can learn many new things. He has told me many things he never knew before but by working and by learning he now knows a lot. Jose said ,“The teacher who is also called Mr. Shirley talks and shows them how it’s done on what they work on then they try it themselves.” Also what was told is that there are cars they work on but they don’t do a lot since they are in school it is mostly a feel of what it is like to do things. There is really a lot of learning into one thing then the other.



1. What is it like being in that class and what do you learn?

“It’s really fun to be in that class and you learn a lot of new things everyday. Also, if you have no experience, they will teach you like they did with me.”


2. Was it hard for you or did you get the hang of it pretty quick?

”It was hard at first as most things are but by staying in the class I have kept learning more and more.”


3. Do you feel like you have thought about wanting to be a mechanic one day?

”Yes, of course I have always wanted to be one and since I’m doing this class I really want to be one when I get older.


4.Since you have told me you do automotive and construction, which one do you think is worth the time?

”Honestly, I think constitution is mostly worth the time I get payed for it”


5. Will you continue with doing automotive for the rest of your high school years?

“Right now, I mean not really sure but I will find out later on.”