Update on Russia and the Ukraine War


A lot still has been going on in Ukraine. There have been a lot of deaths and there have also been many Russian attacks. It has been reported they are still not quitting. Russia is still going from this point and is making a lot of entries and so much damage has been caused. Many people are still wondering if there can be anything they can do to help at all but no one is helping because although there is a war going on many individuals have no idea on how to react to this war coming out of the blue. Not too long ago the President of the United States, Joe Biden did send around 8 million dollars to Ukraine to help them out and that is really all they can do.

There was a video that I’ve seen that shows how this war has caused a bad economy and the many more deaths that have occurred. On Thursday morning Russia launched an offensive attack against Ukraine and Vladimir Putin did make a statement reading that the goal is to demilitarize them and therefore being his main focus right now. The total days that the war has been going was on the 24th of March and has been going on since and there have been many problems with them before. In 2014, they experienced  many issues before this making it not the first time but the first for Russia attacking Ukraine. There has been many bombings and Russia has no hint that they will give up easily, making this war of who wants it most. Ukraine has tried to work things out but as the weeks have been going by every single day I’ve seen that Putin has been requesting aid from other countries but in the midst of all that Russia is not going to stop till they get what they want. Many updates of what has been going on there and this is the closest one I found of what is still going on over there and what the President still has in mind.

Watch the War Update here!