ROTC: Flag Retirement


The ROTC Flag Retirement took place at East Hall High School. The meaning behind the flag retirement is the retirement of the United State flags.  Before the flags are retired, a speech is given on the history of the flag retirement & the meaning. Cadets are each given a piece of the flag to be burned but in a military manner.  Respect to the flag is shown with a salute then stepping off. Those who made it to the event can bring their own flag to retire, but as a remembrance of the flags that were once displayed. Cadets & even veterans show respect to the flag with a salute. Making it clear the flag is still remembered and also a respect to our country and the soldiers who fight for our country. 


The speech was given by Shane Roach, as for the burning of the flags, the cadets of the program are given their opportunity to show that the retirement was meant to show the true meaning behind putting the flags that once displayed into rest.

This is where East Hall community members have their moment of silence to retire the flags.


A moment of silence is shown while cadets one by one make their way to the middle & lay their piece into the barrel where it burns & return back into their platoon. The ceremony then came to a conclusion & therefore being the ROTC Flag Retirement.