New Teacher Feature: Sandy Willsea


Mrs. Sandy Willsea is one of our new Spanish teachers here at East Hall High School. Mrs. Willsea was born and raised here in Gainesville, Ga! Mrs. Willsea’s first teaching job was at her high school that she graduated from-she’s been teaching for 23 years! She teaches Spanish 1 AB, and she is very excited to be teaching many students! One thing that she likes here at EHHS is that she enjoys the students and their personalities. Mrs. Willsea became a  Spanish teacher because she saw that the county was changing, and we were getting more Hispanic families moving to Gainesville. She thought it was a great idea to teach the language to students, so they can interact with other families and grow all together. The exciting part of being a Spanish teacher for Mrs. Willsea is her getting to know the students and their interests. One of Mrs. Willsea’s goals as a teacher here at EHHS is to become way more efficient at Canvas. There were some hard challenges she had to overcome, and that was going to college and having to be prepared. That’s a wrap! Here was a little information about Mrs. Willsea here at East Hall High School.