New Teacher Feature: Mrs. Stephens


Mrs. Stephens is a new teacher here at East Hall High School. She teaches ELA, and in the past, she worked here as a student teacher. Now she has her own class, and she is very excited to teach here this year. I have sat down to do an interview with her, and she was very very happy with wanting to be interviewed.

Question: What got you into being a teacher? Have you always wanted to be a teacher?

Answer: No, I have not always wanted to be a teacher. I wanted to be a technical writer, which is basically doing instruction manuals and things of that sort. This also includes managing social media. What got me into teaching was my sister telling me to try being a substitute teacher. Once I tried out working at a White County school, I took the offer they gave me as a long term student teacher. That’s when I fell in love with teaching. 

Question: Was ELA always your favorite subject? Did it teach you anything? Why or why not?

Answer: ELA was always my favorite subject. It has always come easy to me. Even if you get out of school and don’t wanna learn about ELA, you still read things like on social media, and that’s really important. That’s why reading is so important because you are always going to read about something no matter what even if you don’t want to learn it in school anymore.

Question: Is it hard to teach? What is the difference between teaching as a student and being a teacher?

Answer: It’s like a 50/50 because as a student teacher you’re learning more and more and getting more advice by the teacher. You feel better learning from someone, but when I started teaching I follow the structure more by starting with warm-up’s going into the lesson.

Question: Is there any lesson that you hope you can show your student? Explain.

Answer: The biggest lesson, mostly with my advanced class, is the importance of writing and to show how you can do it the right way.

Questions: What advice did you get from being a student teacher last year that you hope you can use this year?

Answer: The thing that I have learned more about is being very patient and encouraging the students. I feel like that is a very good system because a lot of students have doubts about themselves. Students should feel happy and confident, and the goal is to bring a lot of good energy and confidence.

Questions: If there could be one other subject you’d teach, what would it be? Why or why not?

Answer: Believe it or not, I would want to be a math teacher because I feel like with math you can learn a lot. Even if I’m not good at math, I can help students break down the question.

Question: What do you find yourself struggling with this school year?

Answer: With time and with the schedule because the A, B, C day is a lot for the week.

Question: How would you describe your style of teaching

Answer: I don’t really have a style for teaching. It’s more of doing what the book has like warm up, lessons and more.