August Student of The Month


What is a student of the month? Student of the month is where each month 1 student from each grade will be picked upon to be titled,” the best student of that month.” These students show the essence of being good students. This August, 9th grader Kaylee Aycock, 10th grader Cynthia Agborsangaya, 11th grader Annie Fair, and 12th grader Shatara Osborne were selected as the best student this month. Cynthia Agborsangaya described her feelings when she found out she had been selected: “I was so happy and overwhelmed. I had never won student of the month before and it made me feel special.” These students have shown why they deserve to be the August student of the month.


How do you become a student of the month? There is a common myth about becoming a student of the month. Being the smartest student does not make you a candidate for becoming a student of the month. In other words, passing all your classes makes you one step closer. Becoming student of the month mainly falls upon the 4 Ps. What are the 4 Ps? The four Ps are present, prepared, productive, and professional. These qualities are key to becoming a student of the month.


Perks of being a student of the month. Becoming a student of the month comes with 2 perks. First, students of the month get a free Chic-fil-A meal. Who doesn’t want free Chic-fil-A? Secondly, the final perk you get for being a student of the month is school recognition. School recognition is key for getting jobs. Businesses are always likely to look at achievements you have made at school. This gives you an advantage over other people applying for the same job.