The Valhalla

2018-2019 Staff

Madison Danner

Co-Editor and Chief

Hi! My name is Madison Danner, but most people know me by Maddie. I am so excited for my first year in journalism and I cannot wait to see what all I learn. I am currently a junior and I cheer varsity spirit for football and basketball....

Cindy Argueta

Co-Editor and Chief

Hi, my name is Cindy Argueta and this is my first year in the East Hall writing in the newspaper. I am so excited to entertain you with my stories about East Hall or any important events that occur. I am currently a junior and...

Michelle Ferguson

Staff Writer

Hi. My name is Michelle Ferguson and I am finally a senior. This is my first year writing for the school newspaper, but I have been writing for what feels like forever. I actually love to write and I am really excited that I got...

Tania Gonzalez

Staff Writer

This is my second year with the newspaper, I'm a sophomore at East Hall High School.  I enjoy to write and do photography.  I would like to take on Journalism later on the future. I hope to attend UGA and get a degree in Journalism...

Ray Flores

Staff Writer

My name is Ray Orozco- Flores and this is my first year writing articles for the newspaper and I am a second year freshman. Things that I like to do when i'm out of school is go out to play basketball or just go out in general...

Dan Andrade

Staff Writer

This is my first year in newspaper. I am a junior at East Hall High School. I joined Journalism because it seemed like a good idea to have my opinions heard and to also answer people's questions. I enjoy to watch television and...

David Perez

Staff Writer

Hi! My name is David Perez and this is my first year in East Hall High journalism class. So far so good, i guess. Everyone is so nice and friendly. Some things to know about me is that I am very hyper and I really don't like talking...

Chesney Wilbanks

Staff Writer

Hi, I'm Chesney Wilbanks with the East Hall Newspaper. This is my first year at the newspaper as well as my first year at East Hall High School. You may have seen me at the football games in the Marching Band. I am in the Colorguard...

Dinasia Simpson

Staff Writer

This is my 2nd year in journalism, and I am in the 10th grade. I like to draw/ paint with watercolor,  write short horror stories and watch a lot of YouTube. I want to become a great artist and have all my art everywhere. The...

Andre Gray

Staff writer

My name is Andre Gray, This is my first year doing newspaper, so far it's pretty interesting. I was born and raised in New Jersey, but I spent most of years in Georgia. My favorite things to do is watch Youtube, play video games.

Leila Gutierrez

Staff writer

Hey! This is my first year in High School and on the news paper. I'm interested in writing about things going on in school. And I hope this is going to be a fun year. " Be the change you want to see in the world” ~ Ghandi

Takiya Harrington

Co- Editor and Chief

I am a senior at East Hall High School and I am currently involved in the Marching Band and track. This is my first year being of apart of the newspaper . I look forward to writing about student life at EHHS. I enjoy football...

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